Place Vendome

1W0B9462e copy1W0B9423e copy1W0B9579e copy1W0B9425e copy1W0B9491e copy 1W0B9504e copy1W0B9548e copy1W0B9486e copy1W0B9592e copy 1W0B9613e copy 1W0B9627e copy I don't even know where to start. It has been an unforgettable three weeks in France and New York and we've experienced a crazy transition back into Manila life since we touched down a few days ago. We landed and it was straight to a fitting from the airport for the Star Magic Ball the next day. Following that I had consecutive taping for the finale of Etcetera Season 5. (Already?! I know!)

Today I spent the day in front of my macbook and I attempted to sort through all my travel photos. Needless to say, that was naive, wishful thinking. I made it only through two sets, threw away the post schedule I usually create and decided I couldn't wait any longer to share them. So, here is the first of many of my travel posts.

This was the afternoon in Paris we spent roaming around Rue Saint Honore before finding Place Vendome. A beautiful open area in Paris dedicated to fine jewellery and watches. It's also the home of the Ritz, currently under construction for two years but arguably the most prestigious and luxurious hotel in Paris. Feeling the sunset approaching, Echs and I were just genuinely enjoying the architecture and the way the sun rays bounced off the surrounding windows. It's difficult not to feel the romance of Paris. Being my first time and one of my dream destinations, I had concocted many notions of what the famous city was like and similar to every other giddy, over excited girl witnessing it for the first time, it was everything I expected it would be and more. Beauty on every corner, breathtaking sights and the restaurants bestrewn with pastries and bread.

With the risk of digging up that giddy girl again; Paris was magical, a huge blessing and a city I intend to return to very soon.

Also, if you wanna see how Echs and I dressed up with Style Bible for the Star Magic Ball, check it out here! I had a blast with the team, it's always refreshing having them around to calm the nerves before an impending ball!

Zara Top, Jeans and Scarf, Celine Bag, Dior Heels

Beauty: Sephora Liquid Eyeliner, MAC Lady Danger Lipstick, Sephora Nail Polish Stickers

Photo Credit: Jericho Rosales