1W0B9187e copy1W0B9400e copy1W0B9215e copy1W0B9203e copy1W0B9351e copy1W0B9378e copy 1W0B9429e copy I count my blessings everyday that my work opportunities allow me to venture out of Manila and tonight I pack my bags and load up the car once more to one of my favourite beaches. If you've been following Miss Jones for awhile now you will have noticed that this particular place is very dear to my heart. This year I really want to show more of this country with you all whether you're from Manila, Melbourne or nowhere near the equator. I believe the Philippines has so much underrated beauty and that with this little website of mine I have the freedom and opportunity to share it. So even from the shores of The P0int and even though travel funds are rarely full (mine included) I hope you're inspired to pack your bags, load your car and make the trip to this amazing little place we call La Union.

ASOS TopĀ , Topshop Shorts, ASOS Hat, Link of Hearts Bracelet

Photos: Jericho Rosales

Location: La Union