We couldn't believe how blessed we were last week while we shooting in Anawangin. Echo and I made the trip down to shoot a little special something and I was a little distracted, praying I'd get to shoot for Miss Jones in this little hidden area in Zambales. We arrived to Zambales, and started sprinting down to this little spot, borrowed camera in hand (Thank you so much mangoRED!) and made it just in to time to capture this adorable dress in an equally adorable setting at sunset. Surrounded by still waters, burnt orange leaves and lush green foliage, wearing a dress that made me feel like I was floating, Echo and I managed to shoot this in about 20 minutes flat.

We realised there were little waves forming right in front of us so we grabbed our new boards (thank you all for helping me name her! I'm going to use her one more time before I decide) and finished off a perfect day surfing against this sunset. Asos dress, Swarovski Earrings

Photos by Jericho Rosales

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