Bowdlerize |ˈbōdləˌrīz; ˈboud-|-

Verb [transitive]

  • To remove material that is considered improper or offensive [from a text or account] esp. with the result that is becomes weaker or less effective.

Bivouac |ˈbivoōˌak; ˈbivwak|-


  • A temporary camp without tents or cover, used esp. by soldiers or mountaineers.

Insouciance |inˈsoōsēəns; ˌa n soōˈsyä n s|-
  • Casual lack of concern, indifference.

Cachinnate |ˈkakəˌnāt|-

Verb [Intransitive]

  • Chiefly in poetry or literature to laugh loudly.
Younker |ˈyə ng kər| -
  • a youngster

i intend to use these all at least once today.

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