PAOP7227eE copyPAOP0280E copy5 Kimse Brighter copyPAOP7229eE copyPAOP7198eee copyPAOP8933E copy PAOP9113KISSE copyPAOP0120words copy I can't believe I'm finally publishing this story. It has been a dream of mine to do this shoot ever since I saw a single photo of a paint smear layered on an image. It was a concept that was hilariously difficult to communicate. The amount of times I heard, "Wait, you want to wear the makeup??" or "Huh?" had become extremely entertaining and it took two shoots and many, many hours of editing and re-editing and Photoshop tutorial googling before I was finally happy with everything.

Many of you have been asking for a beauty post or a beauty shoot and I've been a MAC user for years, so naturally I wanted to combine both of them in one very special and different post. I particularly fell in love with their vast array of rich colours - MAC's Lady Danger lipstick appears as frequently on my website as I do, so that's where the inspiration came from. I spent hours crushing, smearing, painting, kissing, writing and shooting the gorgeous products hoping to somehow communicate just how beautiful and bright the colours are. Please do let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun blowing imaginary lip kisses, wearing mascara bangles and pretending I'm a quintuplet.

1. MAC Cream Colour Base in Pink Shock

2. MAC Loud Lash Mascara in Noisy Black / Rosenthal Tee Top, Asos Shorts

3. MAC Nail Polish in Colour Punch / Vania Romoff Dress, Dior Heels

4. MAC Eyeshadow in Gorgeous Gold / Joel Escober Skirt

5.. MAC Cream Colour Base in Rich Coral / Joel Escober Skirt, Nicholas Kirkwood for Roksanda Ilincic Heels

6. MAC Eyeshadows in Moon's Reflection & Surf USA, MAC Technakohl Liner in Skyscape / Vania Romoff Dress, Dior Heels

7. MAC Lipsticks in Full Fuchsia, Lingering Kiss, Fusion Pink, A Novel Romance, Rebel /  Vania Romoff Jumpsuit

8. MAC Technakohl Liners in Take The Plunge & Vent / Vania Romoff Dress under Rosenthal Tee Skirt, Dior Heels

Photography: Paolo Pineda & Kim Jones / Art Direction: Kim Jones / Styling: Bea Constantino & Kim Jones / Graphics: Kim Jones (Thank you for your help Jhon Ong) / Makeup: Owen Sarmiento / Hair: Joemel Reyes

*Thank you Vanessa from MAC for generously supporting this crazy concept!