People always ask me what it is I love about surfing. In all honesty, my friends are much more frequent, dedicated and much more talented surfers than I am but the question always generates the same answer from me. It’s the lifestyle.

So, this blogpost is dedicated to showing you a glimpse of what we get to experience when we travel the five hours from Manila to San Juan. It’s a necessity for all of us to escape the daily grind from time to time. When you’re in the ocean on your board you have nothing to do but soak in all the simple beauty and goodness that surrounds you, whether it be a crimson or pastel sunset, a long ride, a lazy conversation or lying on your board under the rain in the ocean, surfing inspires a desire in you to just stop and breathe. It’s also near impossible/incredibly difficult to tweet, text, do homework or answer emails while surfing, so you’re forced to shun technology when you’re in the water and take a few hours to recharge and reboot.

These photos were taken from my last trip to La Union (unfortunately a whole two months ago) with Echo, completely untouched and unedited. The sunsets actually look like that. They light up the ocean and paint a scenery that’s so breathtaking it actually takes your breath away. (That, and the five hours of paddling you already strenuously engaged in.) I’ve always said that La Union sunsets are some of the best I have ever seen, and my penchant for sunsets just continues to grow each time I visit. So, I hope that for the five minutes you’ve spent reading this post I’ve managed to give you a little break from your tweeting and your emails and shared a little bit of one of my favorite things to do, in one of my favorite places, with you.

Photos by Angel See the full post here