Soho New York Miss Jones Kim Jones Soho New York Miss Jones Kim JonesSoho New York Miss Jones Kim JonesSoho New York Miss Jones Kim Jones20150511_KimJones_Soho-0003 copy20150511_KimJones_Soho-0026 copy 20150511_KimJones_Soho-0029 copy20150511_KimJones_Soho-0038 copy Here's a throwback thingy to that time where the New York "summer" left me clasping onto anything that held any amount of heat - humans included - as Joseph and I met up in Soho to hunt down cobblestones. Standard.

The bardot/culottes combo is a constant staple of mine when travelling, nothing spells comfort more than the allowed ample movement north of the calves that culottes provide. It will make you think twice about the restrictive grapple denim has on your legs during long flights. Find a pair like these Kaelens that seem to repel creasing and you've found yourself something rare and more importantly, something other than humans to hold on to in New York.

Vania Romoff Top (Similar here on sale), Kaelen Culottes, Charlotte Olympia Heels (On Sale), Dolce & Gabbana Bag

Photgraphy: Joseph Padiernos