Sorrento Kim Jones Zimmermann Melbourne copy Returning to the mother land over the Christmas break really brought with it a considerable sense of nostalgia. It had been years since I had spent the holidays in Australia - the silence from lack of the infamous noontime Manila fireworks was almost deafening. Instead, our Yuletide hours were spent on quiet open roads and cracking open bon bons.

This story was shot at Sorrento, about an hour and a half south of Melbourne, during a short but very welcome break from the chilly Melbourne weather. Evidently, many other families had cottoned on to the brief respite and all of us just spent the day enjoying the company of loved ones, playing beach cricket and drinking in the fresh, Victorian summer air. This Zimmermann Empire two piece was the reward of a long wait outside their Melbourne city store during the Boxing Day sales - Zimmermann's bikinis are second to none when it comes to swimwear - beautifully detailed and the ideal combination with some Alice McCall midnight ruffle.