Karla Spetic Kim Jones San Francisco copy So...San Francisco. I understand it now. I understand why Tony Bennett left his heart there and why mine has set up camp in a little nook in the streets of the bay with no promise of leaving anytime soon. What is it about the city that I loved so much that it prompted my friends to ask if I had moved there for good after my second and third trip extensions? I need to break it down because it's not just one thing. San Francisco (never San Fo or San Fran) is a city that courts you like a gentlemen, offering you a cosy, craft coffee, comforting you with a blanket of fog, inspiring your creativity and illuminating you with the lights of the skyline. It's a city that begs to be explored, extending a vast variety of cultures, each welcoming you and each entirely different to the other. Then there's the geographical benefits, the organic eatables, the sports fanfare, the spirit of innovation and the arts. I haven't even begun discussing the untapped goldmine of vintage items up for grabs on Wasteland, Haight St.

I was invited by the wonderful woman, Annette, behind Tara, a social enterprise with the global goal to inspire and empower communities of women through their jewelry, created right here by Filipina artisans. A one week visit turned into two, and then three as we scoured California to hunt for the fluffiest snow we could find. And boy, did we find it (more on that and Tara soon). I've decided to whet your appetite with a story from the streets first, leading into my many other stories coming to you soon. I hope you'll feel the same energy as I did, and like me, enter into a long distance relationship with the great San Francisco.

Karla Spetic Skirt, Aquazzurra Heels, Sfera Blouse

Photography: Paolo Pineda