u2Dbk0WolEcYkHtwsYMc SLlBt I tend to lean towards the more conservative side when dressing, always opting for baring a shoulder or a bare back over anything else - always preferring the mystery of a hint of skin rather than, well, more than a hint of skin.

It's the elegant neckline and perhaps the fact that with most tops this style, you are restricted to arm movements within 90 degrees, that exudes femininity. Add a volume party via the sleeves like this Vania Romoff piece and you have yourself one of the most versatile and flattering pieces a woman can own.  These pieces, thanks to Brigitte and Sandy are ubiquitous in nature, always maintaining their presence in our favourite high street brands, always being reinvented come summer time and subsequently taking over my closet one awkwardly hanging coat hanger at a time.

Stella Jean is a name I've been following closely over the past year - waiting patiently in the corner to get my hands on a piece. The label is a part of the new breed of eco-ethical brands we see fighting for sustainability in the fashion industry, sourcing hand printed fabrics from ethnic communities all around the world. It's a move that I hope to see even more of here in the Philippines. It's an important shift and one that she does exceptionally well, marrying traditional and artisanal methods with the new shapes and silhouettes of modern fashion. Her pieces are tailored and feminine - think dirndl and pencil skirts with an explosion of colour and tribal prints. I don't need to reiterate how happy colour makes me. Once I bagged this number on sale at Matches Fashion it sat in my wardrobe until I could find it's worthy partner. Enter the Vania Romoff Capri top.

I urge you, give your back and ankles a break and allow your shoulders to feel the breeze, uninterrupted by spaghetti straps and turtle necks and let your clavicles roam free.

(Oh hey, you can shop a few of the Miss Jones x Ava bardot tops here)

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Photography: Lauren Kallen