Um. Where did September go? I mean really, those four weeks just flew by without so much as a goodbye. The busier my schedule gets, the less time I have to prepare outfits, so I resort to my standard “uniform” – usually consisting of a light silk camisole, high-waisted shorts and a pair of smarter, less painful heels. These Asos shorts stood out in the sea of shorts I was browsing through and even though they were a size 14 I jumped on them immediately. I tend to buy everything online now- I have a list of what I want and search for it, if I don’t find it, at least I’ve saved the three hours I might have spent moseying around Greenbelt. I even go so far as to opt for sale items in larger sizes, then I just get them tailored locally. Just something to consider if you yourself have been wandering around for the past four days wondering too, where your last four weeks have gone.

Asos Camisole, Asos Shorts, Zara Heels, Koket Rings

Photos by Jericho Rosales

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