Style Weekend

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Let's all just stop and imagine how incredibly amazing it would be to shoot among the clouds - it would be absolutely freezing and barely breathable up there, but amazing nonetheless. For those like me that don't deal well with cold temperatures and prefer to breathe with ease let me show you the closest I have ever been to shooting amongst the clouds. Ryuji Shiomitsu, a stylist I have worked with for years now and have admired for his love for local, invited me to shoot for Style Weekend and I immediately obliged. Post-hair and makeup, I was transported to the skies (aka giant pieces of fluff - but we'll call them clouds for the sake of this post) and decked in designers such as Edwin Ao, Joel Andrade, Via Valencia and Cherry Samuya Veric. I later learned Ryuji's vision was to take my style and amplify it. Fuller skirts, wider trousers and bigger coats. All of it coming together to create a dreamy set and satisfy my desire to have my very own magic carpet moment. *Cue famous Disney song.

Photos: Rxandy Capinpin

Styling: Ryuji Shiomitsu

Hair: Mark Familara Makeup: Owen Sarmiento

*A special thank you to Clara Palma for the lovely article.

1. Joel Andrade Skirt and Top 2. Via Valencia Coat 3. Cherry Samuya Veric Romper and Skirt, Kim Tiu-Laurel Faux Fur Coat 4. Edwin Ao Sleeveless Coat, Skirt and Shirt 5. Jackie Bautista Top and Trousers