TARA Kim Jones 4TARA Kim Jones 9TARA Kim Jones 3TARA Kim Jones 2TARA Kim Jones 6TARA Kim Jones 10TARA Kim Jones 1TARA Kim Jones 12TARA Kim Jones 11 (Crop)e Every now and then an experience comes alongs that shapes your life ever so gently - think of it in the hands of a potter, where all the elements align and this encounter sculpts you so subtly that you don't realise it's happened until the moments and days have passed and you're left with something so precious and so completely inspired.

This isn't a story to be written off as one merely of jewellery, nor is it one simply of social responsibility. TARA (The Artisan Row Accessories) penetrates much deeper than all of that. It is a brand, a movement, created for the modern woman living a dynamic, ever changing life - the woman who has endless possibilities, the woman who seeks opportunity and the ambitious woman who stops at nothing to achieve her dreams.

With all of that in mind there really was no better setting to tell this spirited story than the Bay Area, renowned for it's hippies, entrepreneurs, blanketing fog, rolling hills, architecture and yes, the world's curviest road. Joined by fellow creatives Mari Jasmine and Paolo Pineda we set off on a two week trip that would bond and change us in a way that is difficult to express in words.

The journey of CEO and founder Annette Spillane is one that aligns with the brand's very core and ethos. Based in startup heaven, San Francisco, she began her professional life in the corporate world. She soon bid farewell to the white collar armed with a desire to merge her love for entrepreneurship with creating distinct jewellery based on an ethical framework that preserves and promotes the work of traditional Filipino artisans.

With incredible attention to detail TARA's unique, modular and innovative pieces are created with quality gold and precious stones aimed to accompany you as you embark on your own journey, moments, days, weeks and years ahead. These pieces are made for you while you pursue your passions. They hope to inspire you to create your own memories, to create your own career, your own style, your life and ultimately, to create yourself.

See the TARA collection here and stay in touch on social media here.

*I have to express my profound gratitude to Annette for having me involved in such an amazing project and to Davo, Paolo, Mari, Pwek and Jann for making my first San Francisco visit such a spectacular one - the memories are indelible and the inspiration ineffaceable.