the little things

ahh man gotta check this blog out.

these are the little things i LOVE.

it rained the other day.

i ran out of my room to the public balcony, JUST to smell.

i'm slightly a nutter.

the best.


go smell one.

*the first bite into a COLD, crisp apple

by women!


not of the 'e' kind.

let's be honest. they're hard to mess up.

*shudders (in a good, very very good way)


now that's excitement.

....especially after the hardest pre-season soccer training of my life.

mmmnn librrrarrrieesss...

i'll help you out...the yellower the pages the better the smell. ohhhh yeahhh

mmmmnnn boookkkkkssttooorreesss....

only if they don't fit you better than they do him.

who is that nice? really.

love it.

tis an enviable art.