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It's an iconic brand. So iconic that it has become a fashion accessory mainstay (all you generation X-ers will remember the walking advertising campaigns that were the Coca Cola logo-bearing teenagers in the 80s), especially in an industry where fast food and grocery shopping have slid their way into the market. Jean Paul Gaultier went in on it. Moschino went in on it. And of course, Karl Lagerfeld went in on it. And yes, even I inadvertently went in on it here. It's a brand I follow closely to see what they do next and from a branding perspective it's incredible how a drink that was created by a chemist for a headache remedy has continued to own the stage, year in & year out. So in the spirit of celebrating something excitingly new with Coca Cola, I decided to shoot a mini editorial inspired by the caramel coloured phenomenon. I wanted something laid-back, trendy and of course…strictly bubbly.

Pretty soon you'll be tasting Coca-Cola for the first time again. Follow what's new with Coca Cola with #SarapNgFirst

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