Tokyo Travel Diary - Part I

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Tokyo is such a feast for the eyes. When I travel I prefer to bypass travel or bus tours and instead roam the streets myself and whatever happens, happens. A lot of the time I find myself wandering (aka getting lost) in the side streets of cities and stumbling across the very best of little vintage stores, quiet parks and boutique cafes. So when Echo and I went, we went with absolutely no travel itinerary. That's the way we like it. We love asking the locals where to visit, which often results in a conversation made up of one word sentences or frantic gesticulation.

When we weren't eating noodles and sushi we were up and about clocking about 20,000 steps a day on our trusty pedometers! When you go, you must visit the Tsukiji Fish Market - easily one of my favourite places to eat in Tokyo. (Thanks Julia!) It was the freshest salmon I have ever eaten in my life, and well worth the 6am wake up call and trudging through the heavy downpour. When it rains in Tokyo, however, the most beautiful thing happens, the city doesn't stop, instead the Japanese fill the streets with a blanket of their clear, plastic umbrellas and life goes on. I wish I'd taken the weather forecast a bit more seriously before I wore my favourite loafers to the markets. It was like walking with my feet in a ziplock bag full of water.

When you embark on your own Tokyo travel adventures do go to Daikanyama and Nakamegero for great vintage and boutique stores (I found a vintage Celine box clutch from the 1970's), Ginza and Omotesando Hills for the luxury labels, even just to browse - the architecture and decor will stun you. Visit Harajuku and the side streets of Omotesando for the cheaper shopping. Picnicking in the East Gardens at the Imperial Palace is a must, but go early to avoid the crowds, you will see the most serene landscapes and the cutest older ladies painting watercolours and eating sandwiches on their foldable chairs.

This is the first of my travel diaries from Tokyo so as to not overload you! There are just so many photos I want to share from this beautiful city - I would visit again in a heartbeat!

Photos by Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones

Edited by Kim Jones

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