Tokyo Travel Diary - Part II

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Sorting through and editing my Travel Diaries is one of my favourite tasks, there's a joy I find in perusing my photos stopping to ponder each one, discovering details I missed while I was actually there. It makes me incredibly grateful that we are blessed with such opportunities to travel and to see such amazing sights. This is the second part of my Tokyo adventures, I remember one of my favourite moments when Echo and I sat down with coffee and watched the Scramble in Shibuya for about six cycles, just genuinely happy watching people go about their own lives. (In a non creepy manner, promise)

Pass the Baton was a surprising find in Omotesando, selling all sorts of vintage and new pieces, from Balenciaga to British Airways. Filled with tea sets, jewellery, comic books and more I stayed there just wandering around the store mentally adding to my life to-do list that I need to own a store like it. You will, hopefully, also notice a man and his trolley of cats strolling down the street. Don't worry the cats look content and quite cozy in their little home. It's just one of the many sights of Tokyo that will make you fall in love with the city even more.

Photos by Jericho Rosales & Kim Jones

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