PAOP1931e copyPAOP2087e copyPAOP2376e copyPAOP2105e copyPAOP2498e copy Has it really been nine years since I first started college? The thought has barely crossed my mind in the last decade (did i just use decade to describe my adult life?) but you have to admit, when the weight of text books and the stench of lockers has worn off years later, there is a certain order that is synonymous with school that has a certain allure. Ateneo or La Salle. Harvard or Yale. Bar home, school conjures up a nostalgia unlike anywhere else from our childhood and teen years.

When Tommy Hilfiger approached me to shoot pieces from their latest collections back to school is exactly where I went. Inspired by their campaigns and that all-American heritage, preppy aesthetic we love, faculty buildings and classrooms provided an exemplary backdrop. It was the perfect location to reminisce about school sans-heels and bring back the hair tuck that was so popular during winter days in school courtyards. (Was that an actual trend? Or was that just me? It's been awhile.) I imagined what history looked like, walking the halls to class and the smell of encyclopaedias. (Seriously kids, count your blessings you have the world wide web at your fingertips these days.) It all added to that collegiate, Ivy League vibe that is so evident in Tommy's collections and had me wondering how much more I would have loved school if Tommy designed uniforms...

Tommy Hilfiger Sweater, Jeans and Bag. See the collections here

Photos: Paolo Pineda at Enderun College