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Full skirts and turtlenecks are all I'm about these days. Sitting across my sister, hugging our mugs to escape the cold bite (I have been told I am a wimp and this is not cold at all) and subsequently inhaling a buffet breakfast of comfort foods because our outside layers have proved ineffective, I am already thinking of how I can wear my gym pants under my trousers and if I can successfully begin the new trend of socks over socks in Zara slippers. Perhaps. Today we are setting out to meander our way through the Melbourne CBD yet again, flocking to the areas of the pavement the sun hits come midday.

It's been a joy to come back home. The accent, the designers, the coffee and the food are all reasons why I am so proud to call this country my first home. If you do come to Melbourne you absolutely have to try Mexican restaurant Mamasita's on Collins St. Three words. Corn ice cream. Don't knock it 'til you try it. One of my least favourite things about Australia, however, is that hotels can get away with charging you $15 (600PHP) for two hours of wifi. So on that note, I am fast approaching my quota and it's time to burn off last night's Mexican dessert.

Suiteblanco Top, Topshop Skirt, River Island Heels

Photos by Jericho Rosales

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