(what's) next in the city


today is my first day where ive had nothing to do for awhile. i thought it would be refreshing. i slept in til 12pm. yuck. truth is, im just bored. no learning to dance on treadmills, no fittings to attend, no new addresses to find, no panicking switch from flats to heels as i bolt to the elevator from the cab, no nervous butterflies as i recite in my head my name, age, height and hobbies. it turns out im beginning to like the busy schedules and lack of time. the only good thing of this day of rest is my hair gets its much needed break from the jaws of my GHD and my skin breathes once more. sigh, time to look for things to amuse me, such as, organise my shoe collection by heel size (not!) and watch the magnificent series that is sex & the city. for now though, this amused me plenty.