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I'm currently brainstorming where it is exactly I want to feature next for my local travel series. You may have noticed, that in an effort to try to encourage both locals and international tourists to visit more of the Philippines this year, each month for 2015 I have been featuring a different location. January was La Union (of course), February was Batangas & Apo Island and March was Mount Pulag. April is well and truly here and I can't seem to reduce my two page list of local travel destinations to just. one. (Thank you for all your suggestions!) So, it seems a short break is needed. And by break I mean the latest instalment from my shoot with Shaira in Batangas. This place screamed Colorado or Oregon to me. I've never actually been to Colorado or Oregon but a quick Google and a 'Wild' trailer view later and the quiet lake views and pine trees will have you throwing on your Danner hiking boots in no time. I left my mountain climbing to March and instead enjoyed the incredibly peaceful surroundings via a lonely bridge in the hidden oasis that is Batangas.

Photography: Shaira Luna

H&M Maxi Dress, Goorin Bros Hat

Shot on location at Royal Maverick Ranch, Batangas

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