Yarra Valley


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Quite often I find it impossible to sit still and relax while travelling. You could call it FOMO. Primarily because I've only just figured out what that stands for. I have this uncontrollable urge to see as much and eat as much as I am physically capable of during the time I am away. This in turn, leads to several tens of thousands of steps according to my trusty Fitbit pedometer app and the most gorgeous and pleasant surprises. Australia's Yarra Valley being one of them. I adore a good red and being surrounded by endless vines and orchards was my grape/apple heaven. This is the second look I've styled as Suiteblanco's muse for the High Summer Collection and this blouse was the perfect complement to the fallen autumn leaves and the sun kissed vines. For all my fellow Suiteblanco fans, good news awaits. The Spanish brand is opening it's doors, this time in Mall of Asia, on the 15th of May. I am thrilled to be getting my hands on more of the High Summer collection and I do hope to see you there! We will reminisce about the warmth of the sun amongst the morning dew and the necessary toe-heel walking action I used to navigate the moist grass in these heels. Ahh, memories.

Suiteblanco Top, Skirt & Heels

Photo by Jericho Rosales

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