Kim Jones
The tension and desperation in recent times is palpable and abrasive, emphasised through the glowing screens of our devices that have past served as curated, blurred lenses to reality. Now, however, the curtains of obscurity are slowly being swept aside.
— Your Story


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Inspiration comes via many forms when you step foot in a foreign place for the first time. Your mind is enlightened through new sensibilities and your every day mindset is replaced and this new way of thinking becomes your norm.



In a country that experiences an almost eternal summer, it’s difficult to reference seasonal changes. But our four day annual reason to get out of the car-invaded city of Manila is a reminder that “summer" has arrived.



However, it is Lee's restrained, cerebral approach to design that allow Lee's details to do the talking, discounting excessiveness and instead favouring brilliant technological subtleties found in the slice of a hemline...